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Inlaks Scholarship

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Inlaks Scholarship.

What is Inlaks scholarship?

Inlaks Scholarships provide the opportunity to young people with exceptional talent in any field to broaden their vision abroad and improve their skills to operate in society, thus making them a future vehicle of change in their environment.

How do you get Inlaks scholarship?

Who is eligible to apply for the Inlaks scholarship? Ans. The scholarship is open to all Indian citizens who hold a first class degree or equivalent from an Indian university/institution and are continuously resident in India for the last six months at the time of making the application.

Is the Inlaks scholarship hard to get?

Yes it is quite difficult and competitive. The year I applied, I was the only one offered the scholarship at Imperial. It was the same the year before me and the same the year after. They have only one student to sponsor for Imperial so you can imagine how hard it is.

How to Apply?

Application for the scholarship has to be made online on the portal which is accessible from the website. No physical application forms will be accepted.

The portal will be accessible from 16 January and the deadline to upload the complete information is Friday April 3, 2020, 23:59 IST.

Only one submission per candidate will be accepted.

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