Different Models of Black Skinny Jeans

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Black Skinny Jeans – Different Models of Black Skinny Jeans

Black skinny jeans are very fashionable right now. Women, and men too, who always wear them are definitely considered fashion conscious people who always follow the newest and best trends that are popular. These tight jeans were firstly fashionable back in the eighties but the fashion is coming back so you should consider wearing these jeans too. These tight jeans can be found in various models which are all very neat.

A hot model of black skinny jeans for women is the one which features a gold stitching. Black and gold make a perfect match, especially in clothing. This model can be found on many large stores and are produced by top jeans manufacturers including Levi’s and Gap. They are mostly made of cotton, combined with polyester and spandex. Another trendy model for these dark colored tight jeans is the one made by BB Jeans, which features a fade in the front and rhinestones making pockets distinctive in the back. They are also boot cut and one of the back pockets features a very special stitching design. They are made of cotton mainly, with a small percentage of spandex. They cost only $60 and can be purchased on the store or online.

BB Jeans also produced another great model for skinny jeans. This pair of jeans has a fade in the front and a three button closure with flap pockets on the back. It also features a special stitching on one of the pockets. Its price is $60 and they can also be purchased on the store or online. If you are seeking for a very special model of black skin fit jeans, you can start with a pair of them also produced by BB Jeans which are one colored with no additional design. They cost $60 and they can be combined with almost anything. This model is a good start for someone who is wearing black skinny jeans for the first time. As you can see, BB Jeans is the top producer of black skinny jeans, while Gap and Levi’s are also a part of this group. So to find a model matching your style, visit the local stores of these brands or visit their websites to discover the newest models of black skinny jeans.

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