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Design a Web Page – The 15 Steps to Success

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Design a Web Page – The 15 Steps to Success

To design a web page you must begin by making sure that you are absolutely clear, in your own mind, what the function of that page is. Is it to sell something, is it get people to sign up to your membership site, newsletter or free report or mini course?

Once the function of the page has been established then please make careful note of the following ‘must do’ web page design basics.

  1. You begin by establishing what keyword phrase is the focus of your page. Let’s assume it’s ‘how to grow roses’
  2. The page name should be The title of your page should be, or should at the very least include, ‘how to grow roses’.
  3. The phrase ‘how to grow roses’ should appear in the first paragraph and once or twice in every 100 words of your page text.
  4. Avoid using lots of different fonts. I use a maximum of two and rarely anything other than Arial, Tahoma and Verdana. Don’t use anything fancy, gimmicky or difficult to read fonts – obvious? – you would be amazed.
  5. Keep paragraphs short – no more than two sentences.
  6. Remember to solve the readers problem, it’s all about what’s in it for them, what benefit will they gain from using your product or service. They are not particularly interested in you, your company or how wonderful you think your product is. Forget ‘me’ and ‘I’, concentrate on ‘you’ and ‘yours’
  7. Avoid jokes and too much humour. The odd light hearted remark is OK but you do not know the person you are ‘talking’ too therefore you know nothing about their sense of humour or what offends them.
  8. Always design a webpage in ‘American’ English.
  9. Make sure that your headline is an ‘H1’ tag. This tells the search engines what the page is all about.
  10. To design a web page with long copy is fine if you are going for the immediate sale. If you are just after their name and email address keep it fairly short and to the point.
  11. Use a numbered list, check marks or bullet points to get across your main points, they are very effective.
  12. Good quality graphics and pictures are essential. A good source of good quality, inexpensive pictures is iStockphoto.
  13. Use question marks, exclamation marks, highlighting, bolding, italics and underlining but don’t over do it.
  14. Search engines can’t ‘read’ graphics or pictures, in other words if your keyword phrase is part of some specially created image it will not register with the search engines.
  15. If you have an ‘opt-in’ box on your page try to have it ‘above the fold’ and please don’t have the button marked ‘submit’ – sounds awful – ‘Yes-Sign Me Up’, ‘Send Me My Gift’ or even ‘Click Here’ is better.

To design a web page is like any other skill, it can be learned. If you really do want to make money online from home a web page that doesn’t follow the above guide lines will be less effective and therefore less profitable.

Become an internet professional and start your new online life today!

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